Today has been a Monday in every sense of the word.  I’ve tried to maintain a positive attitude, and some things went well but as a whole it’s most definitely Monday. 

My Mondays consist of chaos (some expected and most unexpected)\: running around all day, homework for the kids (why do teachers do this!?), early non-fancy dinner, early shower and bed times, and generally trying to play catch-up. 

At least we have joy in knowing the sun will set and will rise again tomorrow bringing forth a brand new day.  And Tuesday is always so much better than Monday.

So here’s my advice for the days like today when everything that can go wrong will:

  • Kids can do an early bedtime every now and then.  They’ll be fine.  In fact, they just might enjoy it.
  • Light dinner.  I enjoy cooking but every now and then we keep it simple.  (for my sanity).
  • Have a glass or two of wine and call it a night.  (or three.  I won’t judge).
  • Clean the kitchen and prep for the morning (this helps tomorrow start off smoothly)
  • turn off your phone. (yes!  I actually said that)!
  • Say no to Facebook.  Go to bed.
  • Remember to listen to your body.  Don’t push yourself too much or you’ll break down at the worst time.




"Bless Your Heart"

“Bless Your Heart”

Today I had the pleasure of being the only person on the opposite side of the “BYH” debate. What am I talking about, you ask? Well, you see, I am not from the south. I was born and raised in a small town in the upper peninsula (the U.P.) of Michigan. I fell in love with a GA boy, and have lived here since graduating high school. So, for me, when I hear those dreaded words (yes, for me and many others, they are dreaded I fight the urge to slap someone across the face. I smile,find the quickest kind words to say in order to excuse myself from the conversation, and look for the nearest exit.
Now, if you’re from the south, please, kindly pick your jaw up from the floor and PLEASE, I implore you to finish reading this. You will (hopefully) find my explanation to be an eye opener. Whether I’m right or wrong, I would just like the chance to explain myself, and PLEASE feel free to explain yourself, or your frequent use of the phrase, in a comment. I love and appreciate all commentary. You won’t offend me, I promise. And, I should add (in case I haven’t already), I hope this doesn’t offend you. I am very blunt and honest – radical honesty is my motto. Jesus proclaims in the Bible, that “The truth will set you free.” I am always honest, sometimes it gets me in trouble, but I never mean to offend anyone. I just believe, firmly, that honesty is ALWAYS the best policy. Did I mention I like to be honest?
Now, with that being said, I feel that I should explain the discussion over the dreaded phrase. “Bless your heart”. Three words. Some say it’s a blessing. And a blessing in its most sincere form, nonetheless! It should be a phrase that brings peace, reassurance, and blessings to the person receiving it. So why, you may ask, do I dread that phrase? Well, I’ll tell you. I mentioned I’m not from down yonder, so for me I hadn’t heard the utterance until 2000. I was confused the first time I heard it. I stood there, pondering for a moment what had just been said. (No, I can’t remember the first time I’d heard it, but I know that I must have stood there, confused, because I still do this every time I hear it today). Bless – my –heart. What does that mean? It sounds like a blessing. Did they say God Bless you? I know that one. No, they said bless your heart. What does that mean? Does it mean my heart needs a blessing? From whom? My blessings are from God, so they must mean it that way… but it isn’t what they said. My heart needs a blessing? Does that mean I’m somehow inferior to them? Does that mean I’m wrong? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!?!?!?!
Now, I have heard today from many women who were, let’s say, less than pleased with my accusation that their prized phrase was somehow an insult… they all mentioned quickly that they say it often and it is meant as a sincere blessing, often when they have no other words…
Ok. Sounds believable, right? Wrong. That is all you could think of to say? Granted, if someone’s dog just died, their mother just died, grandma got run over by a reindeer, I could see how you’d be at a loss of words. But for the ordinary everyday small talk, if you are one of those women who feels the need to say this phrase repeatedly, you obviously are quite uninterested in the conversation! Why not just say so, politely excuse yourself and walk away? I mean, honestly. If you have no words for ordinary small talk, then why not leave? No one’s forcing you into this situation.
So, this is my point. For most southern women, the dreaded phrase is a much-loved, go-to phrase when they are at a loss for words but want to comfort someone. However I have heard many southern people laugh at the fact that the phrase can, —– and is often —– used both ways. As in, “Awww you poor thing”, and as in, “Hahahaha look at how stupid so – and – so is”. Or, “You’re stupid”.
Now, I was simply explaining how much I dislike the phrase, and rightly so, because most southern people will admit it has two meanings. And Call me crazy, being that I’m not from the south and all, but I don’t really have many phrases I use that have a double meaning that happen to be polar opposites. For example, and please forgive the example but my desire to be understood causes me to use the blunt example: when I say “F*** you!” to someone, THERE IS ONLY ONE MEANING AND I HAVE A FEELING YOU’RE NOT STRUGGLING TO UNDERSTAND IT. If I call someone an idiot, it’s always calling them an idiot. There is no way I could be giving a sincere blessing to someone when I’m calling them an idiot. And when I say, I don’t like you, it means, I don’t like you. It doesn’t mean, awww, you poor thing, may God Bless you. Now, do you understand where I’m coming from? That is why the dreaded phrase confuses me so. And I am not alone in my confusion. My husband (bless his heart) LOL! HAD TOO…. Was born and raised in Atlanta. He hates the phrase as much as I do. He was also the one who told me kindly one time many years ago, that the phrase had a double meaning; and that the way his mother had said it to me probably was the less kind of the two…. To which he became very upset with her. Now, you see, I have a man whom I admire more every day I am blessed to be his wife, telling me that the phrase has two meanings, and he doesn’t like the phrase because he sees it as a back-handed jab, a passive-aggressive insult, if you will.
Now my intent of writing this blog post is not to take away from any good southern woman who uses the phrase, and as I mentioned above I hope I haven’t offended anyone. I do, however, hope that I have shed some light on the confusion of this phrase, and why many people dislike it. I suppose the bottom line is, if used properly – and when the occasion calls for it, I can completely trust the authenticity of the comment. However, if you are one of those who uses it in everyday conversation, then I only have one thing left to say to you,

Bless your heart….

**A Winter in Time**

*A Winter In Time…*Last year, just before Christmas, I was giving my kids their hair cuts. We were planning on taking a nice family picture to make into our Christmas cards to send to our loved ones…My daughter was frustrated with me because I wouldn’t use the clippers on her like I did on the boys. So, being the strong-willed young lady she is, she went upstairs after her haircut and took matters into her own hands….Meanwhile, ready for some relaxation at the end of a long day, I finally sat down on the couch and turned on the news. I was able to take one sip from the glass of wine I’d just poured before my daughter skipped down the stairs behind me. I could hear the jubilation in her voice as she called to me, “Mommy! Mommy! Look at me, Mommy!” Nothing could have prepared me for what was waiting behind me… I turned around, saw my daughter skipping towards me with only half of her hair left! She had placed her fiskar scissors on her scalp and CUT HER HAIR! There stood my beautiful daughter, in her princess gown and play heels, with a buzz cut along one side of her head!

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Before I could find any words, I cried. Our family didn’t get the nice Christmas picture I was hoping for, and it would take seven months for her hair to grow out enough for an even hair cut. That night, I poured a few more glasses of wine, put on my comfy socks, snuggled up next to my husband in front of the fireplace, and pondered the events of the evening.

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She just wanted to experience having a buzz cut like her brothers. She is a very strong-willed, can-do person. A week later, she proved this once again…I’ve always warned that if the kids don’t take care of the toys then I’ll donate them. I’d sent the kids to their rooms to straighten up the mess they’d made before having a snack. A few minutes went by and my son let out the ear-piercing scream he’s quite famous for. He ran out of his room, wailing. My daughter followed behind him, laughing at him and saying in her sing-song voice “Stop crying Ethan, its ok. It was just a joke…”But she was interrupted by his cries. When he reached me he explained through his sniffles that Kaity had thrown out all of his stuff! My daughter quite literally did what I’d threatened many times. She opened his bedroom window and tossed everything out! Her explanation, “I was just helping him clean up, mommy.” You just have to love her. Also, at moments like this you just have to laugh. Here is my daughter, grinning ear-to-ear, both at another one of her accomplishments, and at her brother’s obvious displeasure. And, here is my son, completely distraught that his treasured belongings were tossed out the window into the freezing, muddy abyss. I laughed at the situation, snapped a picture and helped my kids bring the toys back inside. My friends on facebook had a good laugh that day when I posted this picture.

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Over the next few weeks we had the kids home for Christmas break and then… in Atlanta, it SNOWED! It was a beautiful Christmas gift, as it began to snow Christmas day, and was gone by the next evening. One week later, when the kids were supposed to return to school, it snowed again! This time, the snow stayed!All of North Georgia was snowed or… iced in! Georgia never gets snow, and wasn’t prepared for the storm. The national guard was even deployed. No-one was going anywhere. Everything, including the roads were covered with snow and ice.The kids ended up having one more week off of school. Strangely, I loved that time.Instead of developing a bad case of spring fever and driving each other crazy, we really enjoyed the company. Kaity began helping me bake, which has become an activity we enjoy regularly. The boys had a fun time with the PS3 and other toys that Santa left under the tree.The kids had a snowball fight, made a snowman,

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and my awesome husband brought home things to use as saucers and spent an entire COLDafternoon pushing the kids down our driveway that had been coated in ice from the winter weather. I made a few batches of play-doh which the kids played with for days. (Check back soon for a link to the play-doh recipe). We laughed often at the silly things our kids did, and snuggled up for afternoon naps daily.

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Yes, those were the days. I enjoyed… no… I savoredthose days we were snowed in. That is what life is about. While we’re busy making plans, life happens.

"ACTS 2:38!!!!!"

. -Quick Funny-

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An elderly woman had just returned home from an evening of church when she was startled by an intruder. She caught the man robbing her home of its valuables and yelled, “Stop! Acts 2:38.” The burglar stopped in his tracks. The woman calmly called the police and explained what she had done. officer cuffs him , he asked the burglar, “Why did you just stand there? All the old lady did was yell a scripture to you.” “Scripture ?” replied the burglar. “She said she had an axe and two 38’s!”For those of you who are curiously wondering why that sweet old lady yelled that verse……here it is: Acts 2:38 “then Peter said to them, “Repent, and let every one of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit”.