Bananas, Broncos & Fools…

Monday…. Monday…

I played the fool today;  a Ford dealership which I “like” on Facebook posted an image teaser of the “new” Bronco that Ford was going to release.  I LOVE Ford Broncos… my brother had one when I was a teenager and that thing was a beast! 

I was so excited that I shared the post on Facebook and called my husband to tell him about it.  I wanted one in a flat military green, with tinted windows and big wheels….

  Then I finally decided to click the link it gave “for further information”… only to find it was an April Fool’s joke.  I fell for it; hook, line & sinker.  April Fool’s was yesterday!  ugh.  anyways…. dare to dream.  I would love for Ford to bring back the Bronco.

So that is how my day started.  It is, however, shaping up to be a decent day… especially for a Monday….

My kids will be home all week for spring break so I’ll try to fit in some fun adventures for them. 

Today is a slow, lazy day.  I’m making two loaves of my great grandmother’s banana bread and cleaning house.  Tomorrow we’ll enjoy this beautiful Georgia weather and hopefully catch up with some good friends.

How is your Monday going?

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One thought on “Bananas, Broncos & Fools…

  1. Danielle says:

    LOL! You crack me up!! :-)
    Thankfully I was NOT on the receiving end of any April Fool’s jokes.

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