Busy Days…


Here I sit on a Sunday evening, planning my week ahead…

Wondering how I’ll fit it all in.  My Monday looks like this:

  •  (I am trying to type this so that I can have it published early in the morning…) because I won’t have time tomorrow… or when you’re reading this…
  • I’m trying to figure out how I’ll find the time to start and complete an oversize clutch I’m very excited to create :) 

(My first ETSY sale)!

  • I’ve got emails, texts and phone calls to make and visits to schedule for tomorrow
  •  – because I’ve got 5 more puppies to get rid of
  • I’ve got grocery shopping to do
  • I’ve got forms to fill out for my daughter’s PreK/Kindergarten transition
  • I’ve got piles of laundry to do
  • I’ve got a house that hasn’t been tended to (the way it should… the way I’d like) since MIL moved in & puppies were born in january…
  • - as in.. every room needs to be dusted, wiped, vacuumed, steam cleaned, scrubbed, tidied, organized, etc.
  • I’ve got a yard that needs work
  • I’ve got a garden to be tilled
  • I’ve got a husband who needs to be seen off to work
  • I’ve got kids to get ready for school and pick up from school
  • I’ve got chickens, puppies, dogs, and cats to be tended to
  • I’ve got a truck that needs to be cleaned out

etc. etc. etc.  and all before I pick the kids up from school.  Then there’s another list that starts…

So that is my Monday morning list.  What’s yours look like?

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One thought on “Busy Days…

  1. Melina @ CYB says:

    Oh… And health & dental insurance shopping & filling out applications since our old insurance will end after my husband went to work for another company,
    And… Work for SingleLife Ministries…

    All in a 1/2 day’s work!! :)

    On a good note, two more puppies found homes today… & maybe more!

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