Why I Carry… (And You Should Too)

The Judge

How many of you love Aaron Lewis’ song Country Boy? I DO!! I DO!!     Yes, I absolutely love that song. I truly identify with most of it.      Today I’m going to focus on one part of the song:


  • “I never leave my house without my 9 or 45….”

My new favorite gun is my 45 caliber revolver. I must have done something right last year, because I was one lucky gal Christmas morning. Santa was good to me! One of my gifts was the gun I’d been interested in since the first time I saw a commercial for it a few years ago. It’s The Judge.  I’m not sure if it’s the fact that it’s a revolver that I love but it is great.  I highly recommend it for any and every woman.

Why I Carry

Picture This:

  • ….It’s dark, a woman is walking to her car in a dimly lit (seemingly) empty parking garage… and just as she nears her car and fumbles for her keys, three burly men creep out from behind the dark corner… (there’s always a dark corner) – and does she fear? No, she reaches her hand into her bag… is she reaching for her cell phone?
  • No. She pulls out The Judge.

Now THAT’S my kinda woman!!

Ok, forgive me for being nerdy enough to re-enact that scene from the commercial haha.. but seriously. That is why I carry.

 How often do I find myself alone at night walking through a (seemingly) empty, dimly lit parking garage? Rarely. How often am I driving through the wrong ‘hood? Rarely…. And… how often do I find myself with a car broken down on the side of a vacant road in Somewheresville, SomeState?  Never.  However, you never know when you’ll need to protect yourself.  I don’t carry because of fear that something bad will happen to me. I don’t carry out of fear.

In fact I am not afraid. I carry so that I can -and- WILL protect myself if something ever happens. I pray that I never have to use my gun. However, if I ever find myself in a less than stellar situation, I’m prepared.  Hope for the best, plan for the worst.

If you ever find yourself in a dangerous situation what will you do?  We’re not playing a video game, there’s no pause button. You can’t call your mom for help. You won’t have time to dial 911 and even if you do, they won’t be there in 30 seconds or less. And this certainly isn’t a game show, you cannot phone a friend.  What would you do in a dangerous situation?

If you’re a liberal, I want you to ponder this. People say that guns kill people. That’s not true, a gun won’t lift itself up, aim at you and fire on its own. Guns don’t kill people – people kill people.  A gun is merely an instrument that may be used to quicken results.  Have you ever watched those prison shows?  A tooth pick can be a deadly weapon.  A pen can be a deadly weapon.  A shoe string can be a deadly weapon.  If a person wants to lie in wait and murder someone, they’ll find a way.  Keeping guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens only hurts the innocent law abiding citizens.

We have children. Currently, all three are younger than 9. Yes, they know we own guns. The guns are kept out of sight and out of reach of our children. However, we will be teaching them gun safety as soon as they’re ready. I believe in educating our kids. If kids know to respect a gun they’re much less likely to behave foolishly with it or show it off like it’s a toy.  I believe knowing how to clean, load, unload and shoot a gun are important lessons to teach our children.  It’s an important part of independent / self-reliant living. 

I don’t want to begin with the crazy what-if’s and be accused of believing the world’s going to end in December.. but any number of natural disasters or man-made disasters could knock us off this electrical grid we’ve all come to depend on.  What if a disaster occured.  What if you couldn’t just drive to your local supermarket to buy your meat?  What if a disaster occured and you couldn’t drive anywhere?  Are you aware that if an electromagnetic pulse went off near your city you wouldn’t be able to use your car?  No transportation.  No television.  No cell phone.  No home phone.  No internet.  No radio.  No walkie talkie.  What would you do? 

So let’s stop the what-if’s there before you start to believe I’m crazy.  I know it’s a long shot… then again, it’s not silly to be prepared, because any number of things could momentarily disrupt our lives.  I certainly prefer the convenience of buying my meat at the grocery store or a butcher’s market… but what if something prevents that.  What will you do? 

Now, PETA won’t be pleased with me for sharing this bit of knowledge with you… but:

  • God created animals for our use
  • God created animals for our sustanance
  • Ahem… God created animals for food.

While we love buying our meat at the grocery store or butcher’s market; we want to know that if something happened and we lost this easy lifestyle we’ve become accustomed to, we can take care of ourselves..

I know most liberals say that guns are bad and we’d be a better society if we just stopped allowing people to own guns. Have people not realized that “the bad guys” will ALWAYS find a way?  Bad guys don’t follow the laws!  Laws only – and – always end up hurting the good guys. The law-abiding citizens are the ones who are harmed when restrictive laws are passed.

It’s our right to own a gun, and to carry that gun in order to protect ourselves if a situation ever occurred. The anti-gun belief is a new way of thinking… this country was founded on freedom. Small government. Everyone owned guns. We protected ourselves then and we should now. Do you own livestock? Small pets? If so, you may want to own just to ensure their protection.

I’m proud to exercise my second amendment right. I own, and I’m permitted to carry.

So what’s holding you back? Do you agree or disagree with me?

If You’re Interested In Owning Your Own Gun

Are you interested in someday owning a gun but not sure where to start?

  • First of all, please do this!  Exercise and appreciate your 2nd Ammendment right.
  • Second, for a woman, The Judge is a great gun.  It is marketed to women because it is made for women.  This is a gun you can shoot easily with one hand.  There may be a time when this is essential.
  • Third, find a local shooting range and give it a shot. (play on words I know I’m a nerd) 
    • It’ll be less intimidating if you talk to someone you know who owns.
  • Fourth, after you fire a gun, you’ll probably want to own.
  • Finally, when you decide you’re ready to own, research your state’s carry laws.  Go to your local courthouse and apply for a concealed carry permit.  If and when you travel with your gun, be sure to research each state’s carry laws.  Most states will accept your state’s permit but you definitely want to know before-hand.  Also, each state has it’s own laws pertaining to how to properly transport your gun through their state.

2 thoughts on “Why I Carry… (And You Should Too)

  1. Danielle says:

    We own several guns, mainly rifles and shotguns for hunting and my husband does have a few handguns.
    I have had my concealed weapons permit for a few years now but have not gotten myself a weapon. We have looked a few but I have not committed to one I like yet.

    We will teach our son to respect guns, how to handle them properly and that they are in deed deadly weapons not to be played with.

    • Melina @ CYB says:

      that’s awesome! Have you tried the Judge? It’s a revolver which limits you compared to a pistol, but it shoots well and is comfortable in a small hand. That’s why I love it.

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