Today has been a Monday in every sense of the word.  I’ve tried to maintain a positive attitude, and some things went well but as a whole it’s most definitely Monday. 

My Mondays consist of chaos (some expected and most unexpected)\: running around all day, homework for the kids (why do teachers do this!?), early non-fancy dinner, early shower and bed times, and generally trying to play catch-up. 

At least we have joy in knowing the sun will set and will rise again tomorrow bringing forth a brand new day.  And Tuesday is always so much better than Monday.

So here’s my advice for the days like today when everything that can go wrong will:

  • Kids can do an early bedtime every now and then.  They’ll be fine.  In fact, they just might enjoy it.
  • Light dinner.  I enjoy cooking but every now and then we keep it simple.  (for my sanity).
  • Have a glass or two of wine and call it a night.  (or three.  I won’t judge).
  • Clean the kitchen and prep for the morning (this helps tomorrow start off smoothly)
  • turn off your phone. (yes!  I actually said that)!
  • Say no to Facebook.  Go to bed.
  • Remember to listen to your body.  Don’t push yourself too much or you’ll break down at the worst time.




2 thoughts on “Mondays…

  1. Danielle says:

    Today was my Monday as well. Changed clothes three times before I left for work, bad hair day, baby up at 6:15 (yikes!) and then l left the house with my crocs on my feet. Thankfully I have sneakers at the office which are a shade more presentable!

    • Melina @ CYB says:

      yikes! Hope the rest of the day is better for you 🙂 Mine gradually improved yesterday. Also, keeping a pair of shoes at the office is a brilliant idea! I have so many things I try to keep in the truck that it probably looks like I sleep in it haha.

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