Paper Boxing

 These are perfect for many events.  Goody boxes, mini gift boxes, hostess gifts, party favors, etc.  Let your imagination run wild here.  The box is versatile and easy to make and you can use vertually any size or type of paper you want.  For the box in this tutorial, I used white construction / copy paper.

I made these for my daughter’s preK class last year.  Her wonderful ParaPro was moving during the Thanksgiving break and we found out only two days before the last day of school.  I had just learned how to make these and the teacher thought it was a nice idea, so I made enough so that each student had a box to decorate.  We decorated them, and presented them to the ParaPro on the last day with instructions not to open them until December 1; and to open one a day.  That way she could open one every day through Christmas.  This gave the kids a special way to say goodbye to her.

Each child wrote…. dictated a letter to her telling her what they loved and would remember about her.  We placed the letters inside their respective boxes and decorated the boxes with markers, glitter and ribbon.

On another note, my oldest brother married his beautiful bride July 2011.  At their reception they had these boxes made and decorated with pretty ribbon; one for each guest.  They left notes in the boxes asking everyone to fill them with their favorite candies from the candy table.  It was such a cute idea, and my kids thoroughly enjoyed filling… and uh… refilling… their boxes!

*I’m sure you can find tutorials for making these paper boxes online with a quick search but I figured I’d present the idea to you here as well.  After you learn how to create the boxes you’ll always find events that these can be used for.


  • Paper (for this particular project I used pieces of white construction paper, which I cut in half to make 2 squares the size of copy paper).  Copy paper, colored paper, even wrapping paper may be used.
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pen


  • I would rate this craft as Easy for beginners (you can easily teach your kids to do this)
  • Although easy, if making in bulk they are time consuming (so enlist your kids’ help)!


1) Determine your size needed. (start with copy paper and see how that works).

2) Take your paper, fold from lower left corner over to the other side of paper, align with side and fold.

3) Cut off excess above your triangle.  (to the left of triangle in the picture –>)

4) Now you have a triangle.

5) Take your triangle and unfold.  Now, fold the other corner over so when it’s unfolded you’d have an “x”.

6) Next, take your paper, unfolded and place on table or surface at an angle, it will look like a kite.

7)Take your bottom corner and bring corner up to the point in the middle of the square / “x”.  Fold.

8)   Repeat for other 3 corners… like this.

9) Now, OPEN your large square and take your corners, one at a time, and bring up to center of top fold line, fold.

(pictured below)

10) NOW, fold the bottom corner to the fold line made when your corner meets the center. (Bottom fold line),  and repeat for the other 3 corners.

Now your square should look like this, nicely “quilted”. as shown below.

11) Take your scissors and cut the lines to make this    


12) Now, you’re all ready to create your box.  Take your bottom triangle (below the center piece) and fold the small triangle part up, then fold that entire side up again.  Repeat for other side (top piece).  Then fold all four corner edges up to stiffen.

13) Next, Take your bottom left side edge, fold in; take your top left side edge, fold in.  Now join the two, press.

14) Now, fold top triangle down, and fold that side down over the two combined edges.  Press firmly.

15) You have three sides now.  Finish the box by repeating steps 13 and 14 on the other side.

   **You have successfully created the top of your box.**



1) Take the same size sheet of paper you used to create the top of your box.

2) fold bottom left corner up to make triangle like you did to create box top.

3) Now mark the that edge (where your bottom left corner folds to) with a pencil or something.

4) Unfold your paper.  Taking a ruler, measure 1/4 inch  in – from the point your bottom edge folded up to.

  • Just to be clear:  You’re measuring your 1/4 inch INWARD, toward the center of the paper.  (The point of this is to make a slightly smaller triangle, so when you unfold it and cut off the excess, you’ll have a slightly smaller box, so when you’ve repeated all the steps you’ll have a bottom box that will fit snuggly in your top box).

5) Now measure 1/4 inch at the bottom of the paper, where the other edge of your triangle forms.  Next, measure 1/4 inch all the way down the side of the paper so you will have an even edge.

6) Next, take your bottom edge and RE-fold, stopping at your 1/4 inch border.

7) Cut the excess off the top like you did while creating the box top.  Now cut the 1/4 off the side.

8) Repeat the steps above (creating the box top) and you’ll have your bottom.


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