Poodle Skirt Anyone??

My daughter had a dance to attend on a Friday afternoon… a daddy / daughter dance.  Mamas… y’all know how excited she was.  I hadn’t realized until Friday mid-morning that this was a Rockin’ 50’s themed dance, and I’d need to make a poodle skirt for my daughter! Woops!
When I did the math in my head, I had a few hours to get the felt and poodle iron-on, get the kids from carpool, get home, measure, cut, sew!
I finished up my errands as soon as possible and headed to good ole’ Hobby Lobby. I quickly found the perfect felt as she requested blue and I had a pink shirt for her to wear….
Once I got the kids home I had an hour to get this poodle skirt made. Thankfully, we have wonderful technology such as google search, or in my case, yahoo search!  I found a few reputable poodle skirt tutorials online, but the simplest one is the one I went with because I was so pressed for time. This is the Poodle Skirt Tutorial that I used.

Make Your Own Poodle Skirt!
You Need:
1 – 2 yards of felt — 1 MAY work for young girls… (I bought 2 because I wanted to be sure I had plenty)… besides, I will use the extra to make a cute Valentine’s box for my daughter’s preK class party…
measuring tape
fabric pencil
iron on poodle patch

click the poodle skirt tutorial link above to get the instructions. (sorry) I’d post them here, but I’m pressed for time.
Optional — if you have a silhouette or are creative, you could make your own poodle patch, or what I would have done if I couldn’t find a poodle patch at Hobby Lobby — buy a black fabric repair patch, cut out your poodle shape, iron on — voila!

Here is my “semi”-finished product, modeled by my beautiful daughter…


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