I Just Earned A $20. Giftcard Just For Shopping!

I am soooo excited to tell you about this!  I wish I’d known sooner, or that I hadn’t been skeptical.
I heard about this earlier this week and just in time to do some shopping.  It’s not too late, you have until December 31, or while rewards last.
Just go to
http://mastercard.com/holidayAnd enter your information.  I would have blogged about this sooner; only I was skeptical and wanted to be sure I wasn’t be spreading false information.  Anyways, I registered Sunday, shopped Sunday & Monday, received all my items yesterday, and received my notification email a few minutes ago!

All you have to do is
1)   go to the website above

2)   enter some information (not the code on the back of your card)!

3)   shop online and spend a minimum of $200.

~~This does NOT have to be in a single transaction, or store.  It simply all needs to be online, and through a secure site.   Please note – Paypal transactions will not count.  Also, this deal isn’t retroactive.  Only purchases made after your registration and before 12/31/2011 will count toward your $200.~~

~~Make sure you pay via a secure site, and no Paypal.  As soon as your transactions have been fully processed, you will receive an email from Mastercard confirming your qualification.~~

4)   You’ll need to open this email and click the link to verify your name, email and mailing address.  Your card will arrive in a few weeks!

I am not receiving any compensation from mastercard for passing this information along.  I don’t receive any money for any of my blogs!

I am anxiously awaiting my giftcard’s arrival..  and just wanted to spread the good news!

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