Merry Christmas From Sew Thrifty

I made this scarf today, and I’m making more to stuff in the “Shopper” shoulder bags I made for teachers’ Christmas gifts. I’m so excited for Christmas this year. I’m definitely dreaming of a white Christmas…. but we had one last year and I’m told this only happens in Georgia once in a blue, blue, blue… so chances are very slim but hey – a girl can dream!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been making an effort to grow Melina’s Memorables… (As if there wasn’t enough to do around Christmas)! Pure Genius! Anyways, it is actually a good thing for me as I really enjoy taking fabric and thread and creating a useful product.

In fact once my kids are finally snuggled in their beds; my hubby has returned from work, been fed and is relaxing in front of the tv; and the dogs are snuggled together, my trusty sewing machine is calling my name! It’s becoming my favorite way to destress….. until I realize I’ve stitched the wrong edge… 😉

This is what I have available so far
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As you can see I need a good camera, a backdrop and a photographer but for now, these pics will have to do!
It may not be much but I have big plans for 2012. I am going to sew like crazy over the Christmas break and start the new year with a bang as a fully – stocked, complete shop! Thanks for stopping by my blog and please browse my Etsy shop sometime. I would love to custom make an item for you.

If I don’t post @ SewThrifty again before Christmas, call 911 and tell them I’m buried under a pile of fabric! Ok, seriously, if I don’t post before Christmas,
From My Family To Your’s: Merry Christmas!!! May you be blessed!

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