Handmade Gift Exchange via CraftaholicAnonymous

So, as I posted @ CYB;I took the leap and signed up for this year’s Handmade Christmas Gift Exchange via CraftaholicAnonymous. I have exchanged a few emails… actually… a lot of emails with my partner. I am really excited as I sort – of – know what she is making and she sort – of – knows what I will be making her. After checking out her chic online boutique, I know this is one gift I can’t wait to get my hands on Christmas morning! And, of course, I will blog about the gift and post a picture of it, as soon as I open it!
So, my finished product for Tasara is this black suede envelope clutch!

After a few emails we found and began following each other on Pinterest. I have to say she has a fabulous sense of style. I even found an adorable Christmas gift for my daughter @ her boutique which I’ll be ordering soon. If you have any shopping to do for a daughter, grand daughter, niece, etc. you must check out her boutique:Boutique Le Le Fia

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