‘The Heart’

“The Heart”
This heart of mine is such a fragile thing.
Like fine porcelain. I could set it on a shelf,
But I tend to put it rather in the midst of life.
Thus it has been broken a million times.
Perhaps the glue with which God mends it
Is stronger than the stuff of which it is made.
Knowing that His blood was shed to make me whole,
Encourages me to pick up the pieces, go on, and love again.
My heart is not a very pretty thing,
With all these cracks and mars and flaws.
But I feel. And it is certainly much more loving
Than a heart that is never touched at all.
–Author Unknown

I know some of you are hurting, from such things as family loss, broken hearts, financial burdens, lonliness, etc. All of life’s emotions have a time and a purpose. Allow God to comfort you and repair your heart.
Psalm 51:12 “Restore to me the joy of Your salvation. And uphold me by Your generous spirit.”

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