How To Properly Freeze Peppers, Onions, & Other Produce

As I mentioned in my last post,
Last year I froze enough bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, cayenne peppers and banana peppers to last more than a year. The peppers I saved were from our final harvest, so imagine how much produce you’ll have to give away or keep if you properly freeze it all season long.
Follow these simple step-by-step instructions to ensure proper freezing of most produce. While I am referring to freezing peppers, you may also freeze onions, mushrooms, squash, legumes, tomatoes, potatoes, etc…
**You may freeze tomatoes whole, however you’ll only want to use them in a sauce or stew as they’ll be too soft to slice when thawed. When slicing tomatoes before freezing (recommended), drain the slices on a paper towel before following steps four thru seven.
**Dry legumes, then proceed to step seven.
1. Wear gloves when freezing peppers!
2. Remove stem; slice peppers vertically into desired size. Jalapenos can simply be sliced in half. Slice onions, squash, musrooms and peppers however you want.

3. Core pepper slices (remove seeds and pulp).
4. Lay slices flat, not touching other slices, on a baking sheet, dry cutting board, or in a baking pan.
5. Place in freezer to chill, until slightly frozen (crisp).
6. Remove from freezer.

7. Place in ziplock baggies or air-tight freezer containers. Remove any excess air and seal tightly. Place in freezer and use as needed.

After 13 months, we still have about six baggies full of peppers left. I always keep at least one onion frozen. You may also freeze chopped garlic. My favorite thing to do is ground peppers, garlic and onions in my food processor, freeze it, and it’s ready to go on evenings I’m pressed for time.

It’s that simple! Now, you have no excuse for wasting any produce. Don’t let it go bad, freeze it.
Read my previous post regarding the many benefits of growing your own garden:”

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