**A Winter in Time**

*A Winter In Time…*Last year, just before Christmas, I was giving my kids their hair cuts. We were planning on taking a nice family picture to make into our Christmas cards to send to our loved ones…My daughter was frustrated with me because I wouldn’t use the clippers on her like I did on the boys. So, being the strong-willed young lady she is, she went upstairs after her haircut and took matters into her own hands….Meanwhile, ready for some relaxation at the end of a long day, I finally sat down on the couch and turned on the news. I was able to take one sip from the glass of wine I’d just poured before my daughter skipped down the stairs behind me. I could hear the jubilation in her voice as she called to me, “Mommy! Mommy! Look at me, Mommy!” Nothing could have prepared me for what was waiting behind me… I turned around, saw my daughter skipping towards me with only half of her hair left! She had placed her fiskar scissors on her scalp and CUT HER HAIR! There stood my beautiful daughter, in her princess gown and play heels, with a buzz cut along one side of her head!

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Before I could find any words, I cried. Our family didn’t get the nice Christmas picture I was hoping for, and it would take seven months for her hair to grow out enough for an even hair cut. That night, I poured a few more glasses of wine, put on my comfy socks, snuggled up next to my husband in front of the fireplace, and pondered the events of the evening.

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She just wanted to experience having a buzz cut like her brothers. She is a very strong-willed, can-do person. A week later, she proved this once again…I’ve always warned that if the kids don’t take care of the toys then I’ll donate them. I’d sent the kids to their rooms to straighten up the mess they’d made before having a snack. A few minutes went by and my son let out the ear-piercing scream he’s quite famous for. He ran out of his room, wailing. My daughter followed behind him, laughing at him and saying in her sing-song voice “Stop crying Ethan, its ok. It was just a joke…”But she was interrupted by his cries. When he reached me he explained through his sniffles that Kaity had thrown out all of his stuff! My daughter quite literally did what I’d threatened many times. She opened his bedroom window and tossed everything out! Her explanation, “I was just helping him clean up, mommy.” You just have to love her. Also, at moments like this you just have to laugh. Here is my daughter, grinning ear-to-ear, both at another one of her accomplishments, and at her brother’s obvious displeasure. And, here is my son, completely distraught that his treasured belongings were tossed out the window into the freezing, muddy abyss. I laughed at the situation, snapped a picture and helped my kids bring the toys back inside. My friends on facebook had a good laugh that day when I posted this picture.

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Over the next few weeks we had the kids home for Christmas break and then… in Atlanta, it SNOWED! It was a beautiful Christmas gift, as it began to snow Christmas day, and was gone by the next evening. One week later, when the kids were supposed to return to school, it snowed again! This time, the snow stayed!All of North Georgia was snowed or… iced in! Georgia never gets snow, and wasn’t prepared for the storm. The national guard was even deployed. No-one was going anywhere. Everything, including the roads were covered with snow and ice.The kids ended up having one more week off of school. Strangely, I loved that time.Instead of developing a bad case of spring fever and driving each other crazy, we really enjoyed the company. Kaity began helping me bake, which has become an activity we enjoy regularly. The boys had a fun time with the PS3 and other toys that Santa left under the tree.The kids had a snowball fight, made a snowman,

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and my awesome husband brought home things to use as saucers and spent an entire COLDafternoon pushing the kids down our driveway that had been coated in ice from the winter weather. I made a few batches of play-doh which the kids played with for days. (Check back soon for a link to the play-doh recipe). We laughed often at the silly things our kids did, and snuggled up for afternoon naps daily.

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Yes, those were the days. I enjoyed… no… I savoredthose days we were snowed in. That is what life is about. While we’re busy making plans, life happens.

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