We’re Back!

Cultivating Your Branch has made some recent changes to it’s interface, ultimately hoping to give you a better experience. Instead of using pages to organize the information shared; I’ve created separate blogs, each with a separate purpose. You can easily view each blog by clicking the links to the right. These changes will allow me to better serve you.
Now you can personalize the content you receive by “following”, and / or subscribing via email, to any or all blogs, according to what interests you.

Please feel free to leave feedback; as I’ve created these blogs to give women a place they can relax, catch their breathe, and take a Mommy time-out! …and… since mommy-guilt often creeps in when we do allow ourselves a moment.. I have a solution!

(Now….I may not be the best cook; I’m most definitely NOT going to be in the history books as the wisest woman, or A wise woman for that matter!; and I wouldn’t make a good comedian; but, I am the wife of an amazing man, the mommy of three beautiful children; and caretaker of two dogs, a stubborn cat, and five chickens). 
I know a little something about the expectations women are faced with every day.  My hope is that this blog will be my way of helping women reduce their stress and reveal more joy in their everyday lives.

So, back to my solution for mommy-guilt: I have created this blog to offer you stress relief, inspiration, delicious (and nutrious) recipes and tips for a healthier family, a good laugh and much more.  Now you can be doing something productive that your family will benefit from, while taking a momentary break for yourself! So confront your mommy-guilt and tell it where it can go!  One thing I have learned from being a parent of a child with autism and ADHD is that if you deny yourself physical, mental or emotional rest, you cannot give your best to your family who so desparately needs ALL of you.  So, take some time to feed your spirit.  Your family will thank you.

I am off to help GI Joe, the Green Lantern, and Cinderella organize their rooms.  Have a blessed day!

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