Tired of the Rising Food $$$ Costs? $$$ Play in the Dirt!!

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Last year when we moved to our new home, we were blessed with something the family that lived here before couldn’t seem to fit on a moving truck…. a large, plentiful garden!

I’d been wanting to grow a garden for a few years and was elated to finally have one of our own.  You can grow just about anything. After all, the produce you buy isn’t “made” at a supermarket… it was grown by a farmer, picked, stored, and shipped on a truck. Then it’s often put on ice and covered in fruit flies in the store. You can’t be sure of it’s freshness, who’s handled it in the store, or who picked it; and whether or not bacteria such as e. Coli or lysteria are on it. By the time it reaches you, chances are it’s past it’s peak of freshness, covered in pesticides, and lost some nutrients. As you can see from the images I’ve included, gardening is an important step in healthy eating; -and- healthy eating equates to healthy living.

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Besides, would you look at how large homegrown fresh vegetables get!?

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Last year we were able to properly freeze enough peppers to last 15 months! We would have had much more; but as I was new to gardening and learning as I went, I improperly froze most of it and had to throw it away. The peppers that I froze properly were from the end of the season. Also, we were able to send large baskets full of fresh produce home with our family, friends and co-workers. Imagine how much money you -can-and-WILL- save from growing your own garden. Have no fear, in this technological age you can find everything you need to know about cultivating your garden with a quick google search; and I will be sharing what I’ve learned with you in this blog. Some of my next posts will be: How To Properly Freeze Peppers and How To Can Tomatoes. Check back soon, or- for added convenience – follow this blog, and / or sign up for email notifications so all future posts come directly to you. (I also have a few other blogs I’m working on which you can view by clicking on the links to the left)
I’m sure you can instantly think of numerous excuses for why you “can’t” grow a garden, so here is your homework.  Yes I’m assigning homework! it’s my page and I have the right to.  Ok, really, I challenge you to create your list of excuses.. *reasons* why you don’t have a garden.  Now, if you’re a millionaire like I am 😉   you have no need for a garden because you can easily afford to buy your groceries…. ahem… send your assistant to buy your groceries at the supermarket or your local farmer’s market.  If that describes your situation, that’s fine.  For the rest of us, however, the prices have skyrocketed over the last few years, making eating healthy a real challenge.  So what are you waiting for?  Just look at all the produce a garden will give you. 

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In every picture is the produce I was able to pick that particular day. In other words,   this is only a glimpse into how plentiful a garden is.  You have your garden for an entire season. Obviously your growing season will depend on where you live.  We are fortunate to live in the south, where the growing season typically runs from March through September… though each year varies  (it’s the end of October, and we still have green tomatoes.) 

Perhaps the best thing about having your own garden is the fact that IT’S YOURS! Its like having a supermarket in your front yard, where everything’s free.  You just walk outside, clip what you want and walk back inside!  Everytime I am able to clip some fresh produce from the our garden and use it in whatever dish I’m making, this silly little grin forms across my lips. 

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I don’t believe a garden could ever become overrated.

In fact, if I was a millionaire, I would buy a large plot of land and become a farmer.  There is something oddly affirming about gardening.  I’m not sure if it’s the fact that with only a small amount of effort you produce baskets full of delicious, ultra-nutritious food.. or the fact that gardening is a great way to slow down, escape your rushed life and de-stress; or the fact that you gain a new appreciation for the way God provides nourishment for our bodies…. or the toned arms and bronzed skin you’ll get (and all the vitamin d your body soaks up certainly doesn’t hurt!)  But our family has truely benefited from our garden.  The kids love to get involved which of course is a great learning experience.   My husband often enjoys working the garden after a long, demanding day at work.  My favorite routine is having my coffee and breakfast, followed with a quick workout and heading into the garden.  (GA has been under watering restrictions off an on over the last few years, so watering early in the morning and late in the afternoon is requested here.)  Besides, they don’t call it “Hotlanta” for nothing… you don’t want to be in the hot sun during the afternoon unless you are jumping through the sprinkler while watering the garden. Yes. I have done this! Anyways, when you begin planning your garden, when and how you water your garden is one of the first decisions you’ll want to make.  Which leads me to another benefit from cultivating your garden:

A new found appreciation for rain. Cultivating your own garden rejuvinates your spirit in ways that I can’t explain.  It realigns you with God’s path, as you learn to embrace how He created us; how He nourishes our physical bodies.  You begin to thank God for rain when it rains, and pray for rain when it doesn’t! 

I will also post soon about Tips To Starting Your Garden. So, back to your homework… I want you to choose your #1 problem that is preventing you from growing your own garden.  Tell me in the comments what it is, and let’s see if we can find a solution. Every problem has a solution.

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